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Thanks for stepping by! I'm Michael (30) a full stack entrepreneur from Germany spending a lot of my time in the US. I'm passionate about Tech, AI, Startups, Education, and all things Sports. I love building great software that has a positive footprint.

Things I believe (in no particular order)

  • AI¬†is changing the world dramatically
    The world is constantly chancing but with recent AI breakthroughs we will see even faster change in many areas that affect of our daily lives. In fact it is hard to keep up with all the technology which is being built at the moment. Every day you can see new startups launching products that haven't been possible a year ago. AI is just everywhere which means there is a real hype, a bullish market, and a lot of venture capital that funds AI companies. You could argue it is an overhyped time.

    However I strongly believe when the dust settles there will be much more substance and adaption then we saw with the last big hyped technology which started with crypto turned blockchain turned NFT turned web3. Not that I'm not a fan of this technology but no applications have become established in my life that rely on it to date. And when I ask people how many daily touch points they have with all things blockchain vs. how often they use ChatGPT every day it is clear to me.

    Generative AI is the next revolution that is going to chance everything. I think in 5 to 10 years most of our jobs and especially knowledge work will look completely different. No matter if you do customer support, sales, design, marketing, or software engineering. The way how our education system works and how we learn will change and so many more things but enough for now.

  • Biggest challenges
    Here are some challenges that humanity is facing and that in my opinion are important to figure out and solve.

    • Climate. We all know and time is against us.

    • Energy &¬†resources. Fossil fuels are limited and so are resources for batteries. We need to be more careful with our limited resources and at the same time we need to make a rapid transition to sustainable resources.

    • Politics. Even though I am not very involved in politics, it cannot be overlooked that camps are splitting and more and more conflicts are arising in the world. In the end, we are all residents of this planet and should get along with each other no matter what.

    And many more like food, health, education, and transportation. I will probably add more thoughts soon.

  • Building
    There has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur and drive innovation and change by building software and technology. Why is now the right time even one might think the economy is volatile and uncertain at the moment. First of all building software has never been easier. All the knowledge is out there for free. You can learn and become whatever professional you want without spending any money. If you discover a problem that you experienced or know that others have go build a solution for it. Building software gets democratized with powerful tools and especially with AI. The same principles apply as for investing in public markets. You want to get in when stocks are down to maximize leverage when stocks go up again.

  • Values
    Kindness, love, and gratitude will always win over hate, war, and discrimination (no further explanation needed).

  • Health mental &¬†physical
    In my world when thinking about health it can be boiled down into two categories and they influence each other. These two are mental and physical health and I should add mental health to the big challenges that humanity is facing but this is a separate topic. We humans are all seeking for longevity and health. Let me give you some examples.

    • Relationships. As social beings probably the most important mental health component. Having family and friends enrich life so much.

    • Less social media consumption. Too many studies and examples show that peoples average social media consumption is not necessarily healthy for our mental state.

    • Meditation to exercise your brain. We have so many opportunities and things we can do to train our body but when it comes to exercising our mind which is just like any other muscle we tend to neglect this training.


    • Eating & drinking is probably the most important for our health since in the end we are made out of the matter that we consume. Having a balanced healthy diet is key in the long run.

    • Exercising and keeping out body active is curial.

    • Work & finance. Choose a work that you enjoy because in the end is that how our world works to make an income that allow you to afford things.

    Lately I think a lot about these topics and could go down the rabbit hole here.

  • Life is a journey
    It is a marathon not a sprint is probably a quote that every one of us has heard before. I think our entire life is a marathon that can have small sprints in between. One thing is clear chasing short term goals is most often not what makes you truly or only temporary happy. Life goals are so much bigger. Another thing I believe in is compounding effects are hard to imagine and predict but they are real and you can rely on it.

  • Keep your family close
    I rather have a small circle of people that I love and deeply care about then trying to be liked by everyone. Of course having meaningful connections with many people feels great but it takes effort and time which are variables that allow us to have only so many relationships.

  • Holistic approach
    You can try to be very good at one particular craft but understanding many fields and having a brought view works best for me. Which not exclude you can become an domain expert in specific things.

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