I teach kids tech

As a digital native, startup founder and tech enthusiast, I have made it my goal to teach kids how the tech world works today. Everything schools don't teach, but has a major impact for our next generation.


Building our startup Type Studio from scratch I have gained a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared with the next generation. How to get started and what tools exist that help you build digital products.


Get to know and understand all the tools that are accelerating the digital world. Tools that are used across all industries from small startups to big companies. Learning the craft of building digital businesses.


This is not a typical online class. This is a hands-on learning experience with regular one on one sessions with me. The best to learn is by doing. This is why the class is designed to immediately apply all learnings.


This 5-month class is divided into 5 chapter. Each of it includes an important building block of tech which forms the core. Every week we will cover one topic which includes a short video, a personal one-on-one session with me, and a little task to apply the learnings.

Fundamentals & Terminology

Digital business models, Startups and its lingual

How does SaaS companies work? What are the most important startup terms and what is a difference between bootstrapping and venture capital?

Web development

Websites architecture, Web apps, Server & Hosting

What are the fundamentals of the web? How are websites and web apps build? How does SEO for Google works? Understanding the core principles of the web – The backbone of todays world.

No-code tools

Automation, Productivity, Intergrations

Don't reinvent the wheel when there are already powerful tools that help you automate workflows, organize yourself, and take tasks off your plate without having to code.

Marketing & Growth

Marketing strategies, Growth hacking and launching

How does marketing and growth of a tech product works? What are common methods to do digital marketing? What is the difference between organic and paid marketing?

Step 5

Community & Resources

Communities, Connection, Support, Resources

How and where to find like minded people and other tech enthusiast? What are the best resources to dive deeper in the covered topics and how to go from here?

The future is here

I had the honor to be a small part of the journey of some amazing kids who are
between 13 and 18 years old and are discovering the tech world. Among them Ivailo and Tom.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

During the pandemic I met Ivailo and supported him to develop his own mini game and take part in his little startup school. For the launch of his game we produced a handy and nice looking professional video.

Learn Like Ivailo
Portrait photo of co-founder Adam

I know Tom for quite some while now and it is really impressive how he already accomplished to build multiple tiny tech products by himself. He has a real learning by doing mentality which I thinks guarantees him a bright future!

Learn Like Tom
I have known Michael for quite some time and can say that he has a deep understanding of technology and a lot of startup experience. His calm and smart nature makes him the perfect teacher.
@LisaPopovici - Co-founder @ Cartloop
I have known Michael for quite some time and can say that he has a deep understanding of technology and a lot of startup experience. His calm and smart nature makes him the perfect teacher.
@LisaPopovici - Co-founder @ Cartloop
I have known Michael for quite some time and can say that he has a deep understanding of technology and a lot of startup experience. His calm and smart nature makes him the perfect teacher.
@LisaPopovici - Co-founder @ Cartloop

Core learnings

Problem solving

Weekly tasks that develop critical thinking, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills for kids ages 14 to 18.

Hands-on learning

This class is designed to be a hands-on learning experience where your child will be learning by doing.

Cutting-edge tools

Tools are the craft of the digital world. That's why we will get to know the leading tools of the tech industry and learn how to use them.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the class go?

The entire class goes over a 5 month period. Each week we cover one topic that includes a 15 minute video, a one-on-one session with me that lasts 1 hour and at the end there is a small task to be completed for the next week. This task takes about 1-2 hours.

When will the course be rolled out?

The course will go live in March 2022. However, you can already secure one of the limited places. The early birds who register their children already now will get a discount on the course price.

Are any skills required?

Since we start with the fundamentals of tech, no specific skills are required. However, general handling of the computer should already be present. All tools we get to know, we will explore together.

What if my child doesn't like it? Can I get a refund?

The tech world isn't for everyone. That's why I offer a full refund up to the beginning of the third week. No hassle, no questions asked.

What age should your kid be?

An ideal age is between 14 and 18 years. Even though I break down complex topics into an easy to understand way, we still cover real world topics and tools that make up the tech world today. Therefore, this course is not suitable for much younger kids.

How much is the class?

The monthly membership fee is $250. So the 5 months course will cost a total of $1250. However, it can be cancelled or paused any time.

What kind of technical setup will my child need at home?

Our program requires:
1. A desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows or Mac OS, with a working microphone, speaker, and webcam. Tablets and Chromebooks are not compatible.

2. The Chrome browser and Zoom Client must be installed.

3. A high-speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps). I also strongly recommend headphones to help your child to concentrate, and be immersed in the virtual classroom.


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The startup community is one of the best communities in the world! On my journey I have met and appreciated so many founders.

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